Branch Logger R120

Branch Logger R120


  • Minimum power for the PTO drive 20
  • Number of knifes 6
  • Recommended PTO drive speed about 540 rpm
  • Direction of rotation of the PTO roller right hand 
  • Max. cutting diameter of branches
  • fresh and soft wood 110 mm
  • fresh and hard wood 100 mm
  • dry and hard wood 90 mm
  • Length of cutting of chips:  
  • 6 blades 8-15 cm
  • 8 blades 5-10 cm
  • Maximum efficiency10 m3/h
  • The internal width of the cutting mechanism180 mm
  • Manufacturing of cutters HARDOX steel type 500
  • Thickness of cutters10 mm
  • Diameter of gears (induction hardened)200 mm
  • Hopper (dimensions)620/380 mm
  • Chipper attachment system Three-point suspension system
  • Trailer attachment: towing power 1000 kg
  • Weight 200 kg

Branch logger has:

  • PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • Fly wheel R120
  • Single bag holder


RED DRAGON  R-120 STANDARD chopper is designed for cutting branches with a diameter of 11 cm, completely designed and developed by REMET CNC TECHNOLOGY. Completely expandable welded structure providing proper rigidity and resistance. Cutting mechanisms manufactured precisely on CNC machining centre from one assumption to provide proper quality, accuracy and axis alignment which translates into long service life of sub-assemblies and the entire device. The mechanism is fitted with an expanding and clamping sleeve which serves for the positioning of cutting blades, and also performs a function of overload protection. 


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