Flail Mower Prestigo PRO

Flail Mower Prestigo PRO


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PRO140 – Heavy Duty Flail Mower – 1320mm working wide / total width 1800mm
PRO160 – Heavy Duty Flail Mower – 1520mm working wide / total width 2000mm
PRO180 – Heavy Duty Flail Mower – 1720mm working wide / total width 2200mm
PRO200 – Heavy Duty Flail Mower – 1920mm working wide / total width 2400mm
Our Prestigo PRO heavy duty flail mowers are perfect for cutting pasture and paddock areas, ideal for maintaining a variety of lengths of grass around smallholdings.
The flail is designed to tackle overgrown areas and when brought down to a more manageable length leaves a lawn/sports field finish for regular maintenance.
PTO shaft is included and the flail mower has a convenient holder on the linkage for this. The support stand is simple to unpin and use when storing the mower when it is not use.
Adjustable cutting height, using both the skids and rear roller.
Has a standard 3 point linkage CAT 1 and CAT 2, suitable for most compact and medium sized tractors.
Prestigo PRO140 – Tractor HP Required (range) – 40-85 HP
Prestigo PRO160 – Tractor HP Required (range) – 60-95 HP
Prestigo PRO180 – Tractor HP Required (range) – 70-110 HP
Prestigo PRO200 – Tractor HP Required (range) – 80-120 HP


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