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Design purpose

Rotary rake ZK 480 is designed for raking hay and soilage scattered for drying into rows, for mechanical or manual collecting.
The shafts are situated along an apron made of resistant fabric.
For public road driving, the protective bows are retracted and secured from falling.
Rake arms are dismounted and placed in sockets in front of the machine.
ZK 480 rake, thanks to equipping it with tandem-type suspension, adheres better to any terrain unevenness, with its raking teeth maintaining uniform distance from the ground. The machine is perfect for mountain and inclined areas.
The use of eleven-arm transmission reduces load and tension occurring on a single raking arm, effecting in reliable operation. Cleanliness and precision of collecting is ensured by applying 4 pcs of raking teeth per each arm.
Working width: 4,80 m
Transport width: 2.60 m
Raking Arms: 11
Weight: 540 kg
PTO shaft [rpm] 350 – 540
Power required [HP] : 30HP
3 point linkage: Cat. I i II
machines are sold with PTO shafts.



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