Feeder Wagon T-REX series / Twin auger

Feeder Wagon T-REX series / Twin auger


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T-Rex 10 – 24 m3

Like the single-screw wagons, it is distinguished by its low loading edge, robust construction and unlimited configuration possibilities. With DAFF T-REX twin-screw wagons, you can choose from wagons with a capacity of 10 meters to 24 cubic meters.


Large hopper capacity and wide unloading doors controlled from

the tractor. Two counter knives in all single models. Rugged and

powerful two-speed gearboxes. Durable, high quality rollers,

protected against overload.


Two large vertical screws driven by a 1000 rpm PTO shaft or 540 rpm on smaller capacities are responsible for efficient TMR preparation. The screws are of reinforced construction and equipped with

6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 wear-resistant, long-lasting blades made of chrome vanadium steel for efficient cutting and mixing with low power requirements. Each model of feed wagon has a different hopper space and special screwa appropriately sized for the capacity. This ensures optimised cutting, performance and mixing on all our machines. Robust, durable gearboxes from Italian company ComerIndustries – angular and two-speed – ensure faikure-free operation and efficient power transmission.

In our wagons, we use industrial gearboxes with high torque and low

drive power requirements. These gearboxes have a high efficiency ratio

with a very long service life. A heavy-duty two-speed gearbox is

standard on T-REX series wagons.

The price is a standard equipment of the mixer.

Each machine is individually configured by the buyer – we will come and configure it together for you.

reliable and durable machines with a guarantee of many years (3 years for feed wagons), using our own innovative solutions, components and patents tested for many years.

machines are tailored to the needs of a British breeder, without unnecessary additional accessories that may break down, periodic inspection systems and reliable service to prevent breakdowns.

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T-REX series / Twin auger

T-REX 10, T-REX 12, T-REX 14, T-REX 16, T-REX 18, T-REX 21, T-REX 24


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