Grass topper - mower two rotors

Grass topper – mower two rotors


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Design purpose

TOPPER KS is designed for working in orchards, on shrub plantations, and for other farming works related to mowing grass and weed. It is also efficient for overall maintenance and cleaning works in parks and on lawns.

The mower is attached through a three-point linkage system, and designed for working with category I and II tractors. Tractor power is transmitted to a right angle transmission through an articulated and telescopic shaft with clutch. The mower is equipped with two rotating cutting knives, attached to a gripper located directly on the output shaft of the right angle transmission. The mower has a 35 cm side travel to the right of the tractor axis. By changing the setting of support skids, it is possible to adjust mowing height within a 8-18 cm range.
Working width: 2.00 m
Transport Width: 2.10 m
Mowing / cut high: 8-18 cm
two rotors with 4 blades
Weight: 540 kg
Power require: 40HP
machines are sold with PTO shafts.

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