Tractor mounted hydraulic log splitter 20t - powered from PTO

Tractor mounted hydraulic log splitter 20t – powered from PTO



Tractor tree point linkage hydraulic vertical log splitter:
– PTO drive of the tractor, the log splitter has its own pump and oil tank – also work with direct connection to tractor hydraulic system.
– pressure max 20 tons
– maximum height of trunks for splitting 3.3ft (103cm)
– weight 230 kg
– can be operated by hand.
– brand new machine with full 12 months manufacture warranty
Efficiency of the set in relation to revolutions on the PTO shaft:
– 220 rpm on PTO, output 21L/min
– 320 rpm on PTO, output 32L/min
– 430 rpm on PTO, output 43L/min
– 540 rpm on PTO, output 53L/min
Multiplier ratio: 1:3.8
Multiplier power: 20kW
Standard PTO shaft 1.3/8″ DIN9611
Maximum input speed: max 540 rpm
Maximum output speed: max 2052 rpm
It has a sight glass to check the gear oil level.
Permissible ambient temperature: -40 C to +60 C
When using for the first time, change the oil after 50 operating hours.
The gearbox needs to be filled with oil.
Hydraulic oil 20l – include.
Full 12 months manufacture warranty.
CE  Declaration of Conformity 
Product code: MSE23020TP1

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